Sunday, January 31, 2010

A message for Nicole Jefferson

Dear Nicole,

I have much to say, it's been almost 12 months since we found out we lost you. I was shocked to hear you had been taken in such an horrific event. Along with your Jamie and your unborn child in the firestorm at Marysville.

I apologise for losing contact with you following me leaving school. Life took over i was studying engineering then looking after mum then getting married and eventually taking my family up to Newcastle.

I was in massage clinic that day, I never turned the radio or the TV on that day. I felt so guilty for not knowing what had happened. It was only the Sunday that I turned the TV on and they said Marysville was Gone....not just burnt but GONE.

It was such a beautiful place. I'm sure you fell in love with the place. I remember driving up the Black spur looking up the cathedral high trees up to Narbathong then taking that turn to Marysville. You were greeted by and avenue of gorgeous tree as you entered Marysville.

It was all of a week later that Roni rang me to tell me we had lost you. I was shocked, so shocked.

One thing that dismays me the most was that i was just weeks, really weeks away from making contact with you. After much hassling from friends I had started up my facebook account and was eagerly making contact with our friends, including the other 3 Nicoles in our group (It was funny how at one stage we had 4 nicoles and 2 nathans), you were one of the next people I was looking for. I don't have a photo of you, Nicole in germany has one, I must get her to scan one in for me. What I remmeder of you was your kindness, your quirkiness and you passion of Doug Anthony All Stars.

I had 774 Streaming for about 2 weeks. Distance made it so hard. To many people in Newcastle the place names were just names, but they were a place i lived, loved or had taken a drive through.

Being so far i couldn't make it down for the funeral unfortunately. I have kept in contact with our friends and promise not to let a few kms get the better or me.

I will remember you this coming weekend. I will Light a candle for you.


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  1. **Hugs**
    She had no chance - the fire came over the top of the hill - She was so strong- I don't know how she made it to the point she did.
    She is sadly missed in the community - that I can tell you.
    I don't know what else to say