Thursday, December 8, 2011

Barefoot Dad

Since I was a kid i have always enjoyed going barefoot. It is a lifelong habit i find some don't understand. I go everywhere at home barefoot, heck i even enjoying doing a massage barefoot although OHS states you should do it with covered in shoes.

I find with bare feer I have better posture, the feet can work to their optimum and they work freely from the contraints of shoes.

Inspired from this years TEDxNewy experience, and the talk from the Naked Runners I just wanted to put my take on going bareboot. Going without the extras even in the home.

I have to say i do walk around the house barefoot, it feels so much more comfortable, i can't stand wearing thongs, it just feels awkward walking with them. I do have sandals which i wear down the street and obviously for work I wear covered in shoes.

But the moment you come off the shoes come, if it's a cold night i'll pop some socks on. My shoes are reasonabley large (Size 11) and are heavy, cumbersome and my wife has freom time to time complained about their size. My feet don't like synthetics and whenever I have gone with a cheaper shoe, my feet smell really bad, and I mean BAD. I would much rather go without.

I think some people fear hurting their feet by going shoeless. Sure they offer protection from if you kicking things. But i find your feet offer you more sensitivity and give you a greater sense of where your feet are, they help you feel your surroundings, a closed loop in your senses. i remember when working with totally blind all your other senses come in to play when detecting your surroundings. Your feet help you especially whin in the dark.

In my engineering days it was mentioned that in the early days of power steering, you just pointed the car and it went there. But there were a lot of broken wheels casued by hitting gutters, and other objects because there was no closed loop. It was only until a closed loop was created that this stopped where the steering system provided feedback back to the driver.

I find walking with shoes is like walking with blind feet, similar to those who park by touch, where they bump into objects and then make adjustments, this is now solved now through Parking sensors. The Barefoot running movement is all about letting the feet operate the way they have evolved into, naturally "designed" for running without impediments. When it comes to out feet we don't need to ADD anything to prevent foot injuries, we can remove the objects which prevent our feet from working to their potential.

I find nothing more comfortable than going barefoot, I love going up the back yard and hanging the washing up feeling the blades of grass through my toes.

Sure there are Bindii which can put an end to a comfortable walk. But it's not too gard to get them out of your toes. I have just found chemicals to get even with these pesk blighters. I am fortunate that they don't live up the back yeard. the front yards however we had a break out which is unknown because we never had them. But rest assured i DID get even. :)

We have a dog but he does poo in predictable places and i haven't had an issue, that said if you do accidentally step in, your feet sense you and you don't end up with it all over your feet than carry it through the house before you realise the smell (Done that before)

Another concern i have heard in the past was bees and clover, I have never had a problem(now i have jinxed myself). All I can say is that you keep your eyes open and perhaps lead with your toes so you don't heel strike and come down on clover full force that works for me.

So I am sitting here barefoot on the computer blogging, Are you doing the same??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's about the WHY

A couple of things happened this week that made me stop and think. Firstly this week has been one of those "what is it all about" weeks. You know I think it is one of those end of year things. I get eather reflective at this time. I think it's a way of setting up those new years resolutions that I will hopefully keep to this coming year. But enough for new years resoltions because I will try to devote a blog to that. All I can say is that the coming year will be one of change and transition. For the past 6 years i have been the primary carer of my girls and this coming year sees my youngest going to school. (jumps for Joy) This means that i will have more time to devote to other pursuits such as career and business and health. Something I have put aside for way too long.

I saw the film "The company men" with Ben Affleck and Tomme Lee Jones.

At the crux of this film was a business that hived off thousands of jobs during the GFC, good people were sacrificed to save a company's share price. The organisation had lost track of the actual reasons WHY the business started, it was about the People and the company lost focus on that. It makes me ponder some recent changes in a lot of businesses who appear to be doing the same thing where the bottom line is all important, not the goodwill and people that were the foundations of the organisation.

This was curiously just after i had watched "the Social Network" about the start of Facebook

I state this second as the portayalrayal of Mark Zuckerberg was far from flattering, rather more like an unemotional robot who took advantage of those around him. It made me investigate because when a film comes out you want to find more, find the truth.

I found an interview with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg that was a good thing to watch following watching the film. The interview didn't touch the film.

I don't know him but I see him as a focused person, he IS Facebook, His passion is the social network he invented. In the interview he seemed very happy, yes he smiled rather a bit. During the interview it was mentioned about how he wouldn't sell out. Also how he likes to co-exist with google, youtube etc. rather than acquire or go out in competition.

One can't be in awe at his genius with what he has created. Whatever you think of him and his motivations. he does seem rather genuine in his motivations.

I suppose the WHY is based on how you measure success, why you are really there, in business.

I was also listening to 1233 ABC Newcastle and in a couple of discussions yeaterday firstly it was being discussed about businesses and shareholder value and how it is only a new concept, since the 80's. i know that when i worked in petrol stations the main focus was the staff, making sure
Heck i even remember when companies were making actual losses during the recession we had to have. Today Public companies cry foul whene they make less money than they made last year. Is it just greed?? I can see where the QANTAS employees are fould with their company. These guys showed their passion for the company, their love for the company but were upset with the level of increase in the paypacket of the CEO who received a huge percentage increase in his own paypacket.
The organisation has lost focus on why they are there.

I once worked in an organisations that had an acronym CARE-Customers Are Really Anything. This however presented itself as frequently running short on staff at registers, stock running out or not being able to be put out due to insufficient staff numbers, Department managers were frequently under the pump, they regularly pulled 14 hour days. Not really family friendly hours.
With this organisation there would be wind that the regional manager was coming so store management would put as many staff on the floor to get the store fully stocked and faced to make it look pristine. The managers would hover around the regional manager.

Straight after this visit the store would resume its' original understaffed state. I still wonder about the WHY of this organisation, but all i can say id one year the organisation made $700million profit, i said to  an ols timer that that was a good result. The Old timer said back to me, "no it's not because we will have to do better next year". I struggle at times to find out the WHY behind many companies other than Profit, money etc.

The second conversation was with the business centre talking about being a new businesses and trying to find the reason WHY you are insbusiness, the emotion that you are selling as a business. This is where I am left. i am in a very reflacive mood, trying to discover the emotion, my reason to why I am here, in business.

I suppose a lot of the WHY relates to to the old maslows Pyramid

I need security, the funds to be able to stand alone, that is where i need to head toward this coming year. Independance.

Next Blog is about my WHY