Friday, February 26, 2010

I Survived

Well, have you ever felt the planets aligned for you, well it seemed to happen Wednesday. As my previous blog said i was being interviewed by Carol Duncan on 1233ABC Newcastle about why I blog.

I wasn't at all sure how it was going to pan out as the Green Egg has a tendency to put on a show the moment the phone rings. Carol had told me to expect a call at 1:30. I can't believe how nervous I was getting, not about talking on radio, I had been interviewed before by Aaron Kearney before Trailwalker. What I was worried about was how the Green Egg would react.

Well as time got closer I was trying to work out my plan, I hadn't organised with the inlaws as they wouldn't understand, but something else happened. A real estate agent called telling me he had gone to another real estate agency, the Green Egg didn't notice.

About 5 minutes later the other real estate agency rang wanting to advise me that their rep had left, i pretty much said ok and that was the end of the conversation. This was a short conversation but the repercussions were monumental. I hung up and the Green Egg started a massive tantrum, she wanted to talk on the phone. Nothing would settle her so i rang her pop.

Pop was no good, Pop decided to come over and take her to Nan who was good enough.

Bonus, empty house for the interview, although i did fear her coming back in the middle of th interview.

Well the phone rang at 1:30 and i I was on. We talked for ages, Carol is so easy to talk to. I almost forgot I was talking on the radio. I hope I sounded alright, always worried i might sound like a tool. We covered using twitter, trailwalker, pretty much all my blog posts from my mum, my experience with taking my daughter to the toilet, then the main topic- Sci Fi.

Thankyou Carol for an enjoyable interview you are a true professional and it was a pleasure to be on your show.

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  1. Well done! I love hearing people I tweet with on the radio...makes the virtual world more real.
    You sounded great! :)