Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Eggs and X's

This conversation came up recently, and i feel I need to explain the Green Eggs specialness.

No this is nothing to do with Vin Diesel and definitely nothing X-rated.

When we became pregnant with the Green Egg, my wife was concerned about our child having genetic issues. You know they hit you with all the problems that can/may happen with a pregnancy closer to 40. It almost seems just to unsettle you but I suppose disclosure is important in the medical profession. We had the preliminary ultrasound which came back inconclusive so further investigation meant an Amniocentesis where they use a very very long needle to take a sample of the amnionic fluid, not for the faint hearted.

At the end of the amniocentesis, the doctor said that it would take 2 weeks for the result and he also said if we heard from him there would be an issue, if nothing then they would hear from his staff.

It took 3 weeks to get back the results!!!

By that stage we were at 19 weeks, my wife was more than a little concerned, she rang and rang and finally got a return call, not from the doctors staff, but the doctor himself. My wife was beside herself, very very upset to say the least. Imaginations go into overdrive when you are waiting for such news. One of the concerns were that if the baby is not "viable" due to genetic problems then the unthinkable must happen, delivering a baby that is not going to survive.

OK the doctor firstly said to my wife that there was a reason he had to talk to her, our daughter's condition is not life threatening, it's not a severe condition. The condition is called Trisomy X or Triple x syndrome.

He said to Google it but be careful not to enter XXX as it might produce the wrong result.

What it is
As you would be aware the Sex Chromosome pair determines who is a girl or a boy, XX for girl, XY for Boy. My daughter has three X sex Chromosomes that's right XXX. So she is very much a girl, even more than most.

How does it happen
Unknown, just happens in 1 in 1000 girls. Can be from either mum or dad. This means it is quite prevalent.

Major Side effects
Increased size (the green egg is 3.5 but towers over 4 and some 5 year olds)
delayed development (not really noticeable, she is about 6months behind her sister but that doesn't say much really. each kid develops at their own rate)
As a result of poor development there is the chance of social issues, early pregnancy etc. This is not definitive, I suppose any child could develop learning problems, genetics are just part of the puzzle.

To find out more information about Triple X

In conclusion we give the green egg all the support we can, she is a delight if not a little cheeky. She is recently out of nappies, her speech is coming along well, we are having conversations and she is able to express herself reasonably well. She has a temper but what 3 year old doesn't have?


  1. I have a three year old. Actually, I've had 2 three year olds prior tho this one and he is a maniac. Never sits still. One was a breeze, one still has development and learning difficulties. They are all different hey. That way must have been terrible. She looks very cute (and a wee bit cheeky).:)