Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One of THOSE Mornings

Well I had one of those mornings today.

I knew it was April Fools day this morning as I knew I got suced into Aaron kearneys renaming of Maitland to Mate Land, I made the effort to be up early and alert in time for his April Fools Joke.

I just laughed when he started talking about fencing off the beaches and puting in trunstyles. i thought, "yes I'm not getting sucked in to this one."

I thought I was clever, and all would be good for me today. Hey we even prepurchased an easter bonnet to avoid having to make one (last year we made one and other kids stole the easter eggs mounted on it so we decided not to do that again)

Like with a strong Headwind, the harder you try to force your way, the more resistence you get, especially when you have kids. I'm sure most parents can relate.

My Plan for the morning
  • Get kids breakfast, dressed and ready for school
  • Write up the lunch order
  • Drive the eldest to school
  • come home
  • wash and hang out kids clothes
  • Iron about 2 loads of ironing

WELL, things never seem to go as planned do they???

  • Firstly i only realised until 5 minutes before that i had forgotten that i prmoised to pick up my daughters classmates and take them to school.
  • So i rushed because it was about 15 minutes before we usually leave.
  • I grabbed the camera as i wanted to take a photo of some rubbish dumped so i could post to Lake Mac Council but the batteries were flat, scrounged around for some batteries and it seemed they were fine and charged.
  • Picked up my daughters classmates then got them to school YES, Right? NAH as we forgot to pack the lunch order D'OH
  • SO left my daughter to go to class, and rushed off back home
  • When i returned i took the green egg into the school to take the lunch order to canteen
  • When i got to the canteen i realised they have emptied all their recess stock for the easter break so she wouldn't have anything for recess.
  • So I regettably had to go to the shops, you know the day before a public holiday..really bad decision, the carpark is absolutely packed so i went right down the back and walked to Coles which is the quieter of the two supermarkets. I might add every time the green egg and i got anywhere she must take a green pillow with her, and she has to help push the trolley so it's never an easy task going anywhere with her.
  • When we got in there i just wanted to get 2 things, Chicken Jumpies (a recess favourite on lunch order days) and some muffin bars. The green egg proceeded to put other things in the trolley because she wanted them, like apples, chips etc.
  • Problem was the chicken jumpies weren't there!! and that was my reason for being there. So I emptied the trolley much to the green eggs disgust and yes a tantrum ensued. So i put her in the trolley even more to her disgust. If your kids having a tantrum at least you can take it with you when it's a portable tantrum. You get the looks regardless from those without kids.
  • Dread of dreads i had to wheel the tantrum along a footpath, up a ramp and up the other end of the shopping centre to Woolies, which she did eventually calm down, we even got out of the trolley.
  • Then she thought she saw her Nan which i couldn't see. She wanted to go home with her. BUT she wasn't there. So we returned back to the tantrum again
  • So here i am walking through woolies, aisles packed, people seem to go extra slow, they block your way which is really hard with a kid screaming for her Nan, wanting to go with her.
  • Somehow I managed to spend $30, and yes i did buy the Chicken Jumpies. The green egg did calm down eventually.
  • I then had to Manoevre the trolley back because i had parked farthest from Woolies, loaded up the car and drove home to get the lunch box and freezer block.
  • FINALLY i got to school, Green egg in tow and delivered my eldests' recess food
  • On the way back I stopped to take a photo of the rubbish dumped so i could notify Lake Mac council but the other batteries I put in were flat as well. Hmmmm

Now i am at home and wondering if I can get away with not doing any work at all, the batteries are charging so will probably take a trip soon.


  1. Oh the joys. :) Have had a day or two like that myself. When you come out the other side, it's quite funny, but in the eye of the hurricane, when the tantrum is at it's most scariest, it's anything but. Hope your day gets better. Or just have a drink.

  2. Oh boy, we had tantrum day yesterday! But fortunately, we were at home all day. Nothing like a bit of extra attention at the shops, especially when you're an introvert and don't particularly like added attention.
    Hope she's all good today. :)