Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Tea Routine

Tea is in my blood, my family's blood.

Not just the drink, being brought up in an alcohol free household, Tea was the social lubricant that we used. The centre piece of any social interaction, usually across the bench in the kitchen. The kitchen was the heart of our house, it was where all important discussions happened.

Normally made in a pot. There was always a warm pot of tea going whenever someone was at home. on the coldest days we would even keep the kettle hot on the combustion heater. Each pot would make 4 cups of Tea. Always milk and Raw sugar to satisfy taste. It was never fancy brands or flavours, just black Tea. We didn't drink from dainty teacups, I drank from a nice dark purple mug (not pretentious). This cup is long gone.

My grandfather also had a "half cup" which was able to take about 2 cups of tea. I often find myself mimicing his loud AHHH he used to let out after he would take in a large mouthful of tea.

So how do i have my tea? It's simple just allow the teabag to draw, remove bag then add sugar and milk. The one rule i have to say, NEVER EVER EVER leave the teabag in when u add the milk, this gives it a funny taste (tanins react with the fat in the milk).

All in all a cup of tea brings back fond memories of good times, connections with family members no longer around. The warmth of a great pot of tea for me has no comparison.

i have experimented with other teas such as darjeeling, green and earl Grey, even coffee both instant and proper coffee, but i always find myself coming back to uncomplicated, basic black tea properly brewed.

I am not wanting to take on coffee drinkers as i don't mind coffee but coffee to me was not the social ue in our family.

I hope you enjoy Tea too.

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